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President & CEO

Scott Feldner

I'm a baseball player with a football habit. I'd rather be fishing. I'll try to make you laugh.

I graduated from St. Norbert College. I've been in the industry for more years than I care to count. I prefer heat over cold, Pilsner over Lager, fall over spring, soup over salad. I only dance to threats of physical violence. I love sugar candy. I bring a work ethic ingrained from a family lineage of farmers and construction workers. We will work hard, and we will play hard.

Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Laura Mills

I'm genuine, grateful, optimistic, loyal, resourceful and collaborative. I'd like to mentor and make a positive contribution. I'll bake for any occasion.

I graduated from Northern Illinois University. I've been in the industry for my entire career, indirectly through brands. I prefer honesty, integrity, teamwork and NHL. I only dance to a great beat, a favorite song and spontaneously when happy. I love my family, friends, beaches, dogs, hiking, yoga, music and chocolate. I bring positive energy, enthusiasm, work ethic and determination.

Vice President, Operations

David Kinn

I'm ultra-competitive. I'd be playing in the NFL today if I was 20 years younger and more gifted athletically. I'll never understand why all movies involving time machines are about going back in time and changing the past even though there is always a scientist who says “Whatever you do…don’t change the past. The consequences could be catastrophic.”

I graduated from University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. I've been in the industry for 17 years. I prefer jeans over a suit, summer over winter, beer over wine and Star Wars over Star Trek. I only dance to songs that include some form of the word “dance” in the title such as “Shut Up And Dance”, “The Safety Dance”, “Just Dance”, “I Can’t Dance”, “Dancing On The Ceiling”, “You Make Me Feel Like Dancing” and many, many more. I love my family, my dog, laughing whenever possible and sports. I bring the heat, noise and funk.

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