Dick’s Sporting Goods + Golf Galaxy Tech Bar


Dick's Sporting Goods and Golf Galaxy wanted to bring the latest golf technology closer to the consumer. The previous environment forced the devices to be contained within a locked case due to high price points. They tasked us with creating a cohesive fixture that allowed multiple brands to be merchandised together in a flexible format.


Process Retail Group designed and manufactured a modular system made mainly of powder-coated steel with custom brackets. The design of this golf tech bar promotes each brand individually and still gives stores the ability to lock product inventory. The individual cabinets can be arranged in multiple configurations, allowing for a flexible footprint that can accommodate varying store floor plans.

I've noticed people being more engaged, shoppers can now pick up and touch the GPS units where previously they were behind a locked case since they're high ticket items. Both staff and customers love that they can self-service, in the past we had to have someone with them the entire time. Regardless of the purchase journey the customer chooses, theĀ information cards are helpful for both shoppers and employees to educate themselves on the product. Overall, it has improved the ability for customers to shop.

Golf Galaxy Store Manager


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