FreezerRack System

FreezerRack is a complete freezer merchandising solution.


Create a spring-loaded pusher system for the freezer section to allow for multiple package types and freezer case configurations.  It cannot cause any SKU loss or increase labor rates.  Must be durable and easy to maintain.


FreezerRack, a self-facing, patented, pusher system was designed to maximize space while reducing labor and improving product presentation.  The adjustable trays allows for multiple product use and also allows for easy cut-in when changing planograms.  Product is highly durable and easy to clean.

maximizes product facings

“The FreezerRack system is durable, easy to install, and simple to adjust as planograms change. A key advantage of the system is its minimal loss of facings, SKUs and pack-out. Ultimately, the system provided labor savings for Giant Eagle, Inc. due to merchandise always being faced and through simplification of stocking.”

David A. Redick
Vice President, Retail Business Systems, Giant Eagle, Inc.

150,000 +

Units Produced

8 +

Freezer Categories


Parts Replaced

Ideal for New Stores, Renovations, and Major Resets

Lowers labor costs. Maximizes product facings and keeps them front faced. Organizes the category. Durable. Easy cut-in for planogram changes.

Temperature Withstanding

  • Accommodates 95% of freezer categories;
  • Durable to withstand handling in frigid temperatures
  • Designed width adjustments makes cut-ins and resets easy.
  • Minimal negative space with 95% shelf efficiency


  • Designed width adjustments makes cut-ins and resets easy. Minimal negative space with 95% shelf efficiency.

Closing Thoughts

FreezerRack has been successfully organizing freezer categories across multiple retailers.  The system can accommodate multiple shelf depths and the expandable system can adjust to multiple widths.  Retailer studies have shown reduced labor costs and SKU counts have increased.

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