Garmin vivofit Freestanding Display

Create a display for Garmin’s entrée into the Wearable Tech Category and to serve as the foundation for a display program to accommodate a wide range of Garmin’s products


Display needed to accommodate a wide range of live and dummy products from the vivofit wearable fitness device family to VIRB Action Cameras. Design required modularity features such as: footprint, 2’, 3’ and 4’ configurations; placement, freestanding or endcap; power, high-definition monitor or graphics; merchandising, locked security case or pegged product. Strong Garmin branding was critical, along with a high-quality fit & finish to convey Garmin’s high-quality products.


Created a core 2’ structure and added 1’ lifestyle graphic wings to expand the presentation to 3’ or 4’. The merchandising shelf accommodates mechanical brackets for 1-7 dummy or live devices and also conceals charging equipment for live devices.

Located above the device shelf is either a high-definition monitor or magnetic graphic and an attention-getting Garmin Logo proudly positioned at the top of the display. The lower section of the display facilitates a range of merchandising options for pegged and boxed product packages including standard and locking peg hooks, shelving, and two sizes of security cases. The white metal structure provides a clean, high-tech and high-quality backdrop that is easily converted to feature Garmin’s wide range of products. Orders are placed through our online ordering web site, custom-configured from more than 300 SKUs, packed and shipped direct to retailers.

modular to accommodate varying widths and products


Units Produced

1 - 7

Live Products Displayed



Units Were Customized Based on Orders Received

Modular to allow for 2’, 3’ and 4’ widths, dummy or live product, video or non-video and locked or pegged product. High gloss white finish. Holds 1-7 products. Showcases locked or pegged boxed product.

Menu Options

  • Developed a menu of add-ons to allow for a range of widths and two placement options – freestanding or end-cap.

Hook Options

  • Merchandising options included: standard hooks, locking hooks, and a large and small glass security case.

Product mix

  • Product included: vivofit, running watches, cycling and handheld GPS devices, and VIRB action cameras.

Closing Thoughts

Garmin has communicated that the display exceeded expectations significantly and reorders have already been placed. This display’s success prompted the development of a counter unit to complete the display family.  The Vivofit display became the center point of their fixture program.

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