Salad Rack

SaladRack is a complete salad merchandising solution that maximizes space and minimizes labor.




Create a spring-loaded, pusher merchandising system specifically for bagged salad and packaged produce. Pusher tension is critical to not crush the product and air flow must not be obstructed to maintain proper case temperatures. The salad category called for a system with greater durability to withstand high velocity turns.  It must adapt to shelf and grid situations.


Process Retail Group started by conducting research on the salad category to understand brand and retailer expectations, end user experience, refrigerated case specs, and product trends. The system was refined through engineering and field testing in collaboration with a major salad brand and supermarket retail partners.  SaladRack provides for optimal product facings and minimal stocking labor while maintaining airflow for proper temperature control.  The system works with both on-shelf and grid planograms.

made specifically for produce

1,000,000 +

Units Produced

6,000 +



Parts Replaced

The Patented SaladRack System Was Fielded in 2012

Easy to stock. Maximizes product SKUs. Highly durable. Works with most shelf, grid and refrigerated cases.


  • SaladRack has proven to be very durable. Over the past 5 years, we have fielded over 350,000 units with virtually zero breakage.

Unique Design

  • SaladRack makes it easier for more retailers to rotate product faster and keep it fresher because it is the only system that provides a pull-out rotation option on a shelf or grid.

Closing Thoughts

Brands and retailers are excited about the features that SaladRack brings with over 3000 retail locations being installed to date.  Overall savings are recognized through lower labor costs, less replacement costs and less loss of product.

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