Verizon Large Accessory Fixture

Freestanding, two-sided fixture for showcasing a wide range of accessory products for mobile phones.


Verizon needed a very quick turn on an accessory fixture that would showcase the new accessories that were launching with the new iPhone 5.  The fixture had to allow for multiple configurations of product and be shopped from two sides.  The footprint was to be minimal and easily moved around within the store.  Changeable graphics were a requirement to promote the current accessories but also allow for future message changes.  The program had to be designed and shipped within a 6 week window.


Created a freestanding fixture that incorporated materials (wood, metal, acrylic and PVC slat wall) that fit within the store environment but was readily available for quick manufacturing.  Clear acrylic with Verizon’s signature red accent allowed for better visibility to the product.  PVC slat wall provided an area for merchandising in multiple configurations.  Graphics were magnetic for ease of change out and provided a large banner area on both sides of the fixture.  Design through manufacturing took 6 weeks.  Installation at 1560 locations took place over 10 days.

placed 1560 units in 10 days




Days to Install

6 weeks

Design/Manufacturing Time

Success on all levels; from production time to delivery time

Display went from design to manufacturing in 6 weeks and installed over a period of 10 days.

Allows various planograms and messaging

  • Accommodates multiple product counts and sizes.
  • Allows for changeable messaging.

Fast Production and Delivery Time

  • Designed and manufactured in 6 weeks.
  • Placed in 1560 locations in 10 days.

Closing Thoughts

Verizon stores were pleased with the ease of use, small footprint and ability to merchandise the unit immediately upon receipt.  It provided an easily identifiable location for accessory items.

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