Walgreens Beauty Fixtures

Creation of a store-in-store type concept that allowed Walgreens to compete with department stores for the cosmetic business



Create a set of fixtures with the upscale appearance of a department store cosmetics environment. Fixtures needed to work alone or with others to accommodate a range of store footprints. A variety of product types from multiple brands required merchandising flexibility along with the inclusion of security components for some product to minimize shrink. Fixture set also had to provide a consultation area for beauty consultants that were on site during the weekends.



The use of clean, glossy white materials creates a high-end look.  LED lighting attracts the shopper and highlights the categories and products.  The fixtures are modular and can be configured to meet varying store formats and product mix.

high-end finishes


Units Produced


Elements in the Program

5123 LED Panels

LED Lights Used

Created a Beauty Destination for Walgreen’s Shoppers

Fixture sets were sent based on floorplans provided. Large use of LED lighting and panels. Complete program management and implementation.


  • Multiple fixture sets for versatility in store layouts

Product Enhancing Features

  • High-end finishes to compete with department stores
  • LED lighting and panels to enhance products

Custom Features

  • Consultation area that is hidden when not in use
  • Security for products where needed

Closing Thoughts

The beauty program successfully created a destination within Walgreens’ stores.  The program began with flagship locations, expanding to high-performance stores and continues today.

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