The team consists of 5 full-time engineers. They create a road map for building what the designers have created.  Solid Works is the software of choice for this team. All are experienced in multiple manufacturing disciplines and materials.  All constantly consider the cost, the simplicity and the manufacturing methods.

The engineers are responsible for the details (the side of the brain that typically doesn’t engage during the design stage) … ease of manufacturing, material selection, assembled or knocked down, shipping method and so on.  They drive value at every step in the process but understand design intent must stay consistent.  Engineering is reviewed by teams of people.  The first review is done on screen and the object is to find a fault, a flaw, something that the engineer did wrong.  This team won’t be offended because it means a better product.  The second review is through virtual testing.  You bring the engineered drawing to life virtually and spin it, twist it, flip it over and look at every little detail to ensure it is correct.  These brains were big into Lincoln Logs when they were younger.

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