Process Retail Group combines our own internal manufacturing capabilities (wood, metal, plastics, vacuum forming, printing, assembly) with a trusted local supplier base and global manufacturing partners to ensure our clients get the best quality at the best value. Our project teams control production from start to finish and bring it all together in our expansive facility to ensure we are the last eyes on every component, piece of hardware and/or graphic.  It’s our version of crossing our “T’s” and dotting our “I’s”.

Having expansive internal manufacturing disciplines under one roof allows us to control many aspects of pricing, quality and speed to market.  We are a fluid and nimble organization that can scale up or down to ensure we have what is needed to execute any program.  The decades of experience that our team has brings an efficiency and know how that is world class.

We know that we can’t be experts at everything which is also why we choose our external partners wisely.  Whether a local partner where we can be on-site at critical parts of manufacturing or a global partner that understands they are working from our engineering, we will always be the last eyes on every project.  That’s just how we roll.

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