PRG expands sales team to support grocery segment growth

Meet Greg Hake: A 20-year sales vet and sports enthusiast

Process Retail Group is excited to welcome Greg Hake to the sales team. In his new role as account executive, Greg will focus on supporting grocery brands and retailers’ in-store merchandising needs. A seasoned professional with nearly 20 years of sales expertise, Greg’s historic knowledge and background in selling materials such as hardwood lumber and plywood to companies like PRG will play an influential role in identifying winning solutions for his customers.

Greg Hake, Account Executive – Grocery

A family-centered man, Greg enjoys spending time with his wife and six children when he’s not selling. Other hobbies include traveling to warm destinations, playing golf or watching football (yes watching, never playing).

More recently a fan of the Food Network, he’s certain time spent watching popular cooking shows will no doubt come in handy as he supports the grocery segment.