Process Retail Group receives award from MillerCoors


Process Retail Group is honored to receive the 2017 POS and Promotional Merchandise Supplier of the Year award from MillerCoors.

The designation was bestowed upon Process Retail Group by Anne Nowak, Supply Chain Relationship Manager in the Commercial Procurement division. Anne singled out Mike Pierce and Kerry Knoernschild for their excellent customer service.

To quote Anne, “if I was giving out gold stars I would give them each 1,000”. MillerCoors Procurement professional Sarah Panatera went on to further say, “the customer service we receive from Mike and Kerry is outstanding, and we can’t say that about all of our partners”.

MillerCoors, a wholly owned subsidiary of MolsonCoors, has over 25,000 supplier partners, and Process Retail Group was one of only 12 to receive an award designation. Congratulations to Mike and Kerry and the entire MillerCoors team inside of Process Retail Group who work hard every day to Create Results!