Budweiser Bow Tie Case Stacker

Permanent display to bring instant brand recognition.


Create a display that provides a permanent footprint for the brand product at retail and emphasizes brand recognition.  Display must accommodate a large amount of product and within the wear and tear of the retail environment.  Must meet a nominal budget and be in-field within 10 weeks.


Wood components were used to give the display strength and durability. The signature Budweiser red and the Bow Tie The signature Budweiser red and the Bow Tie logo were incorporated to provide instant brand recognition at retail.  Wood and plastic were used to allow for streamlining of manufacturing given timing and budgets. The size allowed for a substantial amount of product as well as creating a large branded footprint in an environment of competing products.

this display stood out at retail


Units Produced


Days in Manufacturing


Cases of Beer it Holds

Budweiser Brand Was Evident

Held large amounts of product. Provided a permanent footprint in an environment of competing product.

Highlighted Logo

  • A dimensional Budweiser logo was applied to the Bow Tie cutouts on both sides of the display.

Ease of Assembly

  • Removable base panels were used to allow ease of movement with a pallet jack.
  • Interchangeable graphics can slide into the header which also provides additional stability for the display.

Efficient Production

  • Choice of materials allowed for simplified manufacturing and shorter production times.

Closing Thoughts

The case stacker was widely adopted by many retail locations. It created a destination for shoppers and was easily shopped from all sides.  Gave Budweiser increased brand recognition among its competitors.

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