Meijer Electronics Department

Meijer was looking to upgrade their electronics department incorporating lighting, HD video monitors and added security.


Create high-end fixtures that blend with adjacent cabinetry while still providing a high-tech feel.  Develop a universal mechanical security piece that will work across multiple electronic devices such as cameras, phones, GPS units, etc.  Electronics area is not manned overnight and security is a large issue.  Provide areas for changeable branding or educational pieces.


Process Retail Group executed a high-end look that allowed for visual consistency throughout the department while ensuring security and durability across all components.  Metal, wood and glass were used in combination to provide display cases for a variety of products.  Custom metal tambour doors were used on cabinets to allow the roll-down doors to close at night.  Video monitors were used within the cabinets to showcase simple branding or run educational type videos that spoke to various products.  Custom configurations and finishes allows for specific layouts and a high-end look while still integrating with the overall look and feel of a Meijer store.

high-end look & secured product


Units Produced


Products Displayed



Modular Components and a High-Tech Look and Feel

Secure product for off hours. HD monitors to showcase product brands and educational pieces.

Durability, Strength

  • Fixtures were designed to be durable enough to withstand a 24-hour hypermarket format.
  • Product stays secure at all times even when the department is not manned.

High-End Tech

  • Relevant messaging is delivered to the shopper via the large monitors while continuing to allow for interaction with the devices.

Closing Thoughts

The new look provides a sleek, high-end looking environment that is attractive and engaging to the shopper. Security allows for more interaction with products. The program continues to be rolled out to new stores on an annual basis.

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