Microsoft Abt Electronics Shop-in-Shop

Microsoft wanted to create a dedicated space within Abt Electronics where they could bring together the Windows and XBox platforms. The space was to be high-end, enticing and speak to gaming experiences.


The space was somewhat enclosed which presented a unique challenge. The space had to showcase an experience that would draw in consumers from other areas of the store. Once in the space, there was a need for the room to be experiential in nature and showcase top gaming products across multiple brands, with Xbox being Pinnacle, while also making a connection between the Windows and XBox platforms.


A one of a kind space was created which reinvented the way Microsoft co-brands Windows and XBox. High end materials and lighting were used to draw the shopper to the space. Multiple screens allows for various experiences throughout the room. This interactive space brought multiple brands together and created a unique experience for gamers to demo and purchase top-end products.

Microsoft leads a gaming movement.


Unique Space


Cohesive Brands


Hour Build-out

Closing Thoughts

This experience truly changes the “game” for dedicated gamers at this one-of-a-kind top retailer.

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