Sherwin Williams Scratch Fix Display

Custom in-line display supporting multiple configurations and SKU counts.


Sherwin William’s Dupli-Color team wanted to create a display for the automotive aftermarket retail segment that allowed them to merchandise product in a new way.  The unit had to be modular allowing for multiple configurations and SKU counts.  It had to allow for increase or decreasing product count.  Focus on showcasing product in a new way creating a different shopping experience.  Had to educate the consumer on the product.  Needed to allow some means of customization for different retailers.


Created a page system display that allowed for 4 – 8 pages and each page could have one up to four rows of product.  Configuration could be altered in the field by store associates.  Changeable graphics within each page allowed for updating of SKUs and product mix.  Permanent center graphic educated the shopper on the product and spoke to the product process.  System was easily installed on an in-line gondola run using stock fixture components.  Display could be used on all major gondola manufacturer’s fixtures.  Customization by retailer was possible through graphics and custom colors.

modularity allowed for varying product mix

14,000 +





Years program has rerun

Graphics educated the shopper on the product and application method

Page system allowed for a non-traditional shopping experience, Allowed for multiple/regional product mixes

Variety of Options

  • Accommodates multiple configurations.
  • Allows for changing SKU types and counts
  • Works on multiple fixture systems

Closing Thoughts

Retailers embraced the new way of shopping a more traditionally pegged product.  Sherwin Williams gained product placement and was able to accommodate the unique SKU mix and needs of each retailer.  The program continues to rerun.

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