The prototype team consists of 4 full-time model makers. This group takes the roadmap provided by the engineers and brings the item to life.  These teammates love their toys.  They saw, hammer, punch, cut, route, 3D print, whittle and whatever other method they can think of to provide an amazing first look at what our collaborative effort has created.

Prototypes are an essential step in the creative process.  The prototype team not only brings the creation to life but also perfects it along the way.  Each prototype is reviewed for form and function, color, size, construction technique, stability and overall proof of concept.  The goal is to get as close to production quality as possible without the investment in true production.  Our team of experienced model makers have also learned to predict the future.  For example, when creating a display that turns, they can predict that within one week of it being placed at retail, someone will use it as a Merry Go Round.  Even though it may look nothing like a Merry Go Round, it will be one.  Our team tests for that too!

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